Here are a few common questions.


Absolutely, and it will always remain so! You don’t even need to sign up anywhere to take the entire course.
You don’t need to sign up anywhere to take the course. All you need to get started is to start going through the lessons at your own pace. If you want to take the course with other students to get more feedback on the assignments, you can wait until it’s run again on reddit (look out for the announcement on /r/photography).
No, unfortunately this would be far too time consuming for me. If you have questions or want your assignment checked, I suggest waiting for a live class on reddit.
If you are following a live course, you should submit them on the dedicated subreddit (e.g. /r/photoclass2017). Otherwise, you can submit it as a comment to the lesson. Or just keep it to yourself, there won’t be any grading and what really matters is that you do it, not that you share it afterward.
No, you don’t need a DSLR, you could even do it with a camera phone! That being said, it will greatly help to understand a lot of the concepts if you can get manual control over focus and exposure, which is usually offered only on enthusiast/advanced models.
You are more than welcome to share links to this page, but please do not copy/paste or reshare the actual content anywhere without talking to me first.
No, I have no other connection to reddit.com than having been a user there for a while. The class was originally run on the website, on /r/photoclass, and is often linked to there, hence the name and the connection.
If the class was useful to you, there are a few ways you can express your thanks: spread the word about my photography, buy your next piece of equipment from Amazon with this affiliate link (it won’t cost you any extra) or just make a small paypal donation. Thanks!